New Data Handling Features

Improved integration with R

EViews' R and Matlab® integration allows you to run R or Matlab code from within EViews itself, granting access to the powerful programming languaes of these packages to create or run processes not currently implemented in EViews.

EViews 10 offers a number of improvements to the integration engine:

  • R Integration no longer requires third-party products to be installed alongside EViews and R.
  • New XON and XOFF commands allow faster issuing of commands to the external applications from within EViews programs.
  • Saving and opening R .RDATA files.
  • Improved connection log window, giving direct console access to R or Matlab.

Attribute importing and exporting

EViews 10 supports automatic reading and writing of custom attributes, or series meta-data, from Excel, text and html files.

These automatic tools make importing data into EViews even easier than ever.

World Bank Data

EViews 10 offers a new custom interface to World Bank data. World Bank Open Data provides access to a list of datasets that offer access to global development data.

spreadsheet Live Statistics

United Nations Data

Similar to the World Bank database interface, EViews 10 introduces an interface to the United Nations' wide range of data available through their website.

United Nations Data

Eurostat Data

EViews 10 also offers a custom interface to the Eurostat database. The interface includes a custom browser for navigation and retrieval of Eurostat's high quality Europe based data.

Eurostat data

European Central Bank Data

The final new database connection is to the European Central Bank (ECB)'s data.

European Central Bank Data

Tableau&reg Data

EViews 10 now supports saving series objects in a workfile page to a Tableau Data Extract file (.tde). The TDE file can then be used by Tableau Desktop or exported to a Tableau Server.

Tableau Saving

Saving in JSON format

EViews also supports saving workfiles in the ubiquitous JSON format, allowing you to access your data from many applications, including web-apps.

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