GAUSS is a fast, powerful, highly adaptive suite of analytical software and tools. Its flexible matrix language, intuitive interfaces and powerful applications enable swift transformation of data and ideas into action. From prototype to production, GAUSS has the tools you need get the job done.

For professionals in data-driven disciplines from finance to physics, GAUSS has long been the go-to source for specialised models, techniques and applications. However, GAUSS is also a comprehensive environment that gives you everything you need to develop, adapt, execute and generate publication quality graphics for virtually any problem or project.

GAUSS is ideal for rapid prototyping as well as complete implementation of a wide range of scientific and business models. All functions and programs can be altered by the user and easily integrated with C/C++, Java, FORTRAN and other environments.

Learn more about the specific strengths GAUSS offers these diverse industries:


  • Efficient data organisation, management, and publication quality presentation.
  • Functions are easily adaptable to fit individual model specifications, making it an ideal program for univariate, multivariate, panel series, cross-sectional and time-series analysis.
  • Includes a quick and reliable maximum likelihood routine.
  • Provides pre-programmed classical regression analysis tools with the framework necessary for implementing modern regression techniques including time-varying parameters, Markov-Switching models, Bayesian analysis and DSGE models.
  • Computation of large datasets and complex models can be done quickly. This, combined with tools for process automation, documentation, and presentation, allow for efficient econometric analysis.


  • GAUSS is equipped with pre-programmed routines for implementing binomial options pricing model to both European and American call and put options.
  • The available GAUSS Fanpac application provides built in commands for complete modelling and analysis of standard finance univariate and multivariate models.
  • Fanpac includes easy to use keyword commands for analysing the complete family of ARIMA, ARCH, GARCH and IGARCH models.
  • Documentation and visualisation of model results is clear, thorough, and easy to interpret and share.
  • GAUSS is capable of efficiently handling large datasets and provides tools for easy data management making it suitable for high frequency data.
  • The combined GAUSS finance procedures along with keyword functions make the platform appropriate for easy updating of results, while simultaneously meeting the needs of specialised models.


  • GAUSS offers a complete set of tools for data organisation, analysis and presentation. Survey data, cross-sectional data and large panel data can easily be easily managed using a number of conditional data selection and sorting tools.
  • GAUSS is equipped to efficiently conduct statistical inference, correlation and regression analysis, and categorical, multivariate, time-series and survival analysis.
  • GAUSS’s standard data analysis can be enhanced with the available Descriptive Statistics MT application which includes methods for analyzing and generating contingency tables.
  • Regression analysis is made easy with available suites of pre-programmed discrete choice and panel series regression tools.


  • GAUSS performs high efficiency modelling and simulation of complex systems of equations using structures, threading and parallel computing.
  • GAUSS provides a complete set of tools for standard and advanced applications of numerical analysis, applied linear algebra, initial and boundary value problems, Fourier analysis and optimisation.
  • Optimization MT application implements wide selection of descent algorithms, step-length methods, and “on-the-fly” algorithm switching. User controlled options allow for model specificity and optimisation flexibility.

Social Science

  • GAUSS offers a complete set of tools for data organisation, analysis and presentation. Survey data, cross-sectional data and large panel data can easily be easily managed using a number of conditional data selection and sorting tools.
  • Regression analysis is made easy with an available full suite of pre-programmed discrete choice regression tools.
  • The Time Series MT application includes techniques for panel series modelling including fixed effects models and random effects models.
  • GAUSS’s matrix language combined with its efficient computation methodology makes large scale data analysis and modelling fast and easy to update.

GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System

An easy-to-use data analysis, mathematical and statistical environment based on the powerful, fast and efficient GAUSS Matrix Programming Language. 

GAUSS Bayesian Estimation Tools

The GAUSS Bayesian Estimation Tools package provides a suite of tools for estimation and analysis of a number of pre-packaged models.

> Find out more about the new Bayesian Estimation Tools module

GAUSS Applications

Pre-written, customisable GAUSS programs designed to increase user productivity and extend GAUSS functionality in the fields of statistics, finance, engineering, physics, risk analysis and more. 

> Find out more about Discrete Choice Analysis Tools v2.0

GAUSS Engine™

The GAUSS Engine lets you seamlessly integrate GAUSS applications with practically any production environment, or distribute GAUSS functionality within custom software – royalty free! 

GAUSS Data Tool

GAUSS Data Tool is a stand-alone program for working with GAUSS data sets.

GAUSSplot™ Professional Graphics

GAUSSplot features a fully functional GUI that allows you to make changes to your graph at the click of a button. Take your graphics in GAUSS to the next level with GAUSSplot! 

Third Party Applications

Related software programs developed by third-party vendors. Many of these products are pre-written, customisable programs written in the GAUSS Programming Language, as well as tools and utilities to get the job done, and get it done FAST!

Increase your productivity with GAUSS 18

Move from data to results more efficiently than ever with GAUSS 18. Learn more about how you can accomplish more with the most powerful GAUSS version yet with the range of new features and enhancements below:

Improved data handling

Load, transform and analyze in one line. Simple to use formula string notation supports:

  • Categorical and dummy variables
  • Data transformations (ln, exp and more)
  • SAS and Stata datasets

Generalized Method of Moments (GMM)

New GAUSS 18 GMM procedures estimate parameters from custom user specified moment equations or analytic instrumental variables estimates using one step, two-step, iterative, or continuously updating GMM.

Graphics updates

Convey insights from your data with modern, professional images.

  • 30+ built-in color palettes, and custom palettes
  • Programmatic canvas sizing
  • Added 2-D plot flexibility and options

New functions to increase productivity

Uncover data insights quicker with new tools for searching matrices and string arrays, reorganizing, merging, and much more!

Speed improvements

  • Chained concatenation operations 2-4x faster
  • X’Y for vector-vector case 15%-600% faster
  • Descriptive statistics and OLS 15-30% faster for medium to large matrices

New mathematical functions

  • besselk computes the modified Bessel function of the second kind; useful for the negative inverse gaussian distribution.
  • rndRayleigh to compute Rayleigh distributed random numbers.
  • gmmFit and gmmFitIV for estimation using the generalized method of moments.
  • cdfTruncNorm, pdfTruncNorm, cdfLogNorm and pdfLogNorm.
  • Optional mu, and sigma inputs for cdfn and pdfn
  • Array support for erf, erfc, erfcinv, erfc, pdfn, power op.

Coming Soon. Please email us at to order your license

Premier Support and Platinum Premier Support

Premier Support and Platinum Premier Support are annually renewable membership programs that provide you with important benefits including technical support, product maintenance, and substantial cost-saving features for your GAUSS System or the GAUSS Engine.

Technical Support

  • Unlimited priority technical support
  • Email, telephone and FAX access to Aptech's well-trained technical support team
  • Timely and convenient answers to your technical questions on GAUSS or GAUSS Engine and applicable in-house GAUSS applications

Product Comparison

Feature/Benefit Premier
Best Value! Platinum

Technical support
FREE Product Upgrades to GAUSS or GAUSS Engine (Download Only)
FREE Product Upgrades to all owned in-house GAUSS applications (Download Only) X
Significant discounts on updates to GAUSS or GAUSS Engine X
10% discount on new purchases of in-house GAUSS Applications
Limited-time discounts on new Aptech products
Limited-time/Annual license for off-site use (e.g., home, travelling, etc.) of applicable GAUSS or GAUSS Engine license 1 License 2 Licenses
User account on Aptech's website for downloading product revisions and patches.
Disaster Recovery Licenses of applicable GAUSS or GAUSS Engine license (Floating Network Licenses only) X X


  • Available at no charge to students
  • Offers the complete GAUSS Mathematical & Statistical System (GAUSS) with the exception of the program debugger
  • Matrix size limitation of 10,000 elements

Annual Student Licence

  • Annual licence of the full version of GAUSS for one low fee
  • One year Premier Support

Permanent Student Licence:

  • Special discounted price
  • Permanent licence of the full version of the GAUSS software
  • First year of Premier Support coverage
  • The licence is eligible to be updated for an additional fee when new versions of the software are released

Installation is for student’s personal computer. Pre-written, customisable GAUSS Applications may be purchased separately for an additional fee.

To find out more information and order your copy of GAUSS, please contact our team.

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