Econometrics Summer School, Cambridge

24th - 29th July 2018 Cambridge 6 days Stata, EViews, OxMetrics

Our 2018 Econometrics Summer School, Cambridge will be held at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge. The School comprises 3x 2-day econometrics short courses delivered by leading Econometricians from the University of Cambridge: Prof. Andrew Harvey, Prof. Sean Holly and Dr. Melvyn Weeks.

Introduction to Time Series Analysis with Stata (Online Course - UK Time)

11 June & 30 July 2018 Online Half day Stata

The course is ideal for beginner/intermediate level user who wants to learn how to analyse time-series data and estimate univariate time-series models. The course is based on the textbook Financial Econometrics Using Stata by S.Boffelli and G.Urga (2016), Stata Press

Macroeconomic Modelling Using EViews

27 - 29 November 2018 Cass Business School, Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TZ 3 days (27th November 2018 - 29th November 2018) EViews

This 3-day short-course using EViews provides an essential review of macroeconomic modelling and forecasting techniques. Focusing on modern forecasting methods and is relevant to researchers who work at Central Banks, Government departments, hedge funds, commercial companies or as an academic researcher

Statistics for Policy Makers

This half day course is designed to cover a substantial amount of statistical material in a short time period and covers key statistical concepts crucial to the effective statistical results constantly used to make decisions in business and government.

Vector Autoregression (VAR) Modelling using EViews

The course will cover: stationary VARs, starting from the basics and tackling more advanced techniques such as dealing with over-parameterisation via Bayesian estimation; non stationary VARs and Johansen approach to cointegration; and structural VARs, and what can be done in EViews 9, will also be explored.

Macroeconomic Density Forecasting & Nowcasting

Whether you deal with forecasting at a Central Bank, public institution, bank or consultancy firm; or you use forecasting techniques in your research, this is the perfect course to bring you up to date with the latest methods in the forecasting profession.

2018 EViews Forecasting Summer School, London

30 July - 3 August 2018 Cass Business School 5 days (30th July 2018 - 3rd August 2018) EViews

Our EViews Forecasting Summer School is a dedicated series of short courses aimed at the forecasting practitioner. The courses will appeal to both new and experienced users of EViews and will provide attendees with valuable insights on forecasting (and problems encountered with forecasting) completed empirically using EViews software.

2018 Stata Winter School, London (Training Course)

10 -15 December 2018 Cass Business School 5 days (10th December 2018 - 15th December 2018) Stata

Join us for our fourth annual Stata Winter School, comprising four individual Stata courses providing attendees with the flexibility to register only for the courses that they find most relevant to their research interests. The individual courses will cover: Data Management, Data Visualisation, Panel Data and Regression Models.

Getting Started with Stata (Online Course - UK Time)

25 September & 15 November 2018 Online 1 day Stata

This web-based half-day training course provides a complete introduction to Stata and is ideal for the new or beginner level user who wants to have a head start and learn how to use Stata efficiently.

2018 Stata Policy Evaluation

10-14 September 2018 CEMAPRE (ISEG), Lisbon 5 days (10th September 2018 - 14th September 2018) Stata

Evaluating policy has taken centre stage in current research for social sciences. Evidence based evaluations give policymakers crucial information on which public policy programs are working. This course brings the latest econometric techniques for policy evaluation and Structural Equation Modelling using Stata.

Financial Econometrics Using Stata

7 - 8 November 2018 Sofitel, Downtown Dubai 2 days (7th November 2018 - 8th November 2018) Stata

This course is tailored for Finance/Economics researchers who would like to expand their theoretical knowledge in econometrics with a direct application in Stata. This 2-day course also includes a revision of data management skills in Stata.

Getting Started with Stata (Online Course - EST Time)

25 May 2018 Online 1 day Stata

This web-based half-day training course provides a complete introduction to Stata and is ideal for the new or beginner level user who wants to have a head start and learn how to use Stata efficiently.

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